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Corporate Services

A thorough knowledge of financing solutions for businesses engaged in the trading of commodities enables BIC-BRED (Suisse) SA to offer a wide range of services:

  • Bilateral lines of credit;

  • Syndications;

  • Investment and developmemt;

Client Information : Swiss deposit insurance - esisuisse

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As a specialist in the financing of commodities, BIC-BRED (Suisse) SA sets up lines of short-term credit, issues letters of credit, SBLC or market guarantees on behalf of its clients. 


BIC-BRED (Suisse) SA also offers FX services thanks to its access to the FX platform of its parent company, BRED.

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BIC-BRED (Suisse) SA supports major traders in their development by participating in their syndicated financing programs.  We also participate in the structured finance operations (pre-financing, exports, borrowing base, …) arranged by certain major traders with or without recourse.

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BIC-BRED (Suisse) SA is also studying the need for investment in development projects in partnership with multilateral actors.

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