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Based in Geneva for close to 25 years as an overseas branch, BIC-BRED (Suisse) SA is from this point forward a Swiss bank, having obtained the approval of the Swiss Financial Markets Supervisory Authority (FINMA) in August 2015.


We are a wholly owned subsidiary of the BRED Banque Populaire, one of the main stakeholders of the BPCE Group which is the second largest banking group in France.

The mission of BIC-BRED (Suisse) SA is to assist the development of companies, engaged in the trade of energy, agricultural and metal commodities.


The bank deals in transaction financing and/or revolving credit facilities, BIC-BRED (Suisse) SA also offers a wide range of products and services designed to provide its clients with a first class service based on quality, flexibility and security.

Thanks to the support of the BRED Group, BIC-BRED (Suisse) SA is able to meet the needs of its clients, from the simplest to the most complex in all banking sectors: International, FX, derivatives, cash management, banking relations, structured financing, and debt solutions.


Furthermore, BIC-BRED (Suisse) SA confirms its ambition and its customer commitment on the basis of the values on which our group was founded: combining ethics and efficiency.


Daily, and in concrete terms, these values are conveyed by:


  • A strong, close relationship with our clients and all players in the market,

  • Proven professionalism based on our teams’ high level of technical skill,

  • A constant innovation effort, to provide for the required efficiency and a secured IT environment,

  • An ethical approach to our role as bankers, respecting the dialogue, environmental constraints and adopting a long term view.


Made up of members, each possessing a strongh banking experience and complementary skills, their mission is to ensure the development of our company, reflecting the stated values above.
Emmanuel LEMOIGNE, General Manager, as built his entire career within the BRED Group. He has extensive experience in the banking sector, in particular within the Corporate Banking Division, which he led from 2009 until June 2015, and has also been a member of the BRED Group Executive Committee.
François MONNIER, Deputy General Manager and Head of Corporate and Trade Finance, started his professional journey in corporate banking, and for 15 years now, has developed and been responsible for a diverse client base of commodity traders, in particular as Group Leader within different international banking groups.
Franck NATER, Deputy General Manager and Chief Operating Officer, has broad experience acquired in International Trade financing and transactions, first in Sales, then in a support function as head of Transaction Management within a major local bank.
Anne-Ly ZUMBINO, Director of Risk and Member of Executive Committee. At the benefit of a solid banking experience with more than 20 years within the credit risks analysis in the geneva commodity market, she covered several subjects such as CTF, structured debt, shipping, but also corporate banking. Her professional journey led her to approach complex topics such as banking regulation and financial planning.

Our Group

BIC-BRED (Suisse) SA is a wholly owned subsidiary of BRED Banque Populaire.


BRED Banque Populaire, the largest corporate bank and shareholder in the BPCE Group, is a cooperative bank with 200,000 shareholders and EUR 6.7 billion in equity. It has 6,300 employees of which 30% are based internationally.


Groupe BPCE pursues a full range of banking and insurance activities, working through its two major Banque Populaire and Caisse d’Epargne cooperative banking networks and through its different subsidiaries.


Its 100,000 employees serve a total of 35 million customers, 9  million of whom have decided to become cooperative shareholders.



  • Net banking Income: CHF 46 million

  • Stockholders equity:  CHF 190,5 million

  • Common Equity Tier One ratio: 19.7%

  • Liquidity Coverage Ratio: 139.4%

  • Workforce : 103 employees



  • Net banking Income: € 1 336 million

  • Consolidated stockholders equity: € 6,7 billion

  • Common Equity Tier One ratio: 16,0%

  • Workforce: 6 300 employees



  • Net banking Income: € 22,2 billion

  • Consolidated stockholders equity: € 84,9 billion

  • Common Equity Tier One ratio: 15,6%

  • Ratings Long term / Short term:

    • Standard & Poor's: A / A-1

    • Moody's Investors Service: A1 / P-1

    • Fitch Ratings: A+ / F1

  • Workforce: 100,000 employees

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